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More often, it’s hard to know where to start. If closing your eyes could help the first step, do it and keep going. Open and blink once, then you’re ready to the next phase.

-Lida of MyIDEAL Education Consultancy


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MyIdeal genuine/legitimate business (legit)?

YES! MyIdeal Education Consultancy Agency is 100% Genuine/Legitimate Business (LEGIT)

To verify:

Click the link below and will lead you to Service New Brunswick website and type in Search by Keyword – MyIdeal and click search

You will find STATUS – a (means ACTIVE)

Name – MyIdeal Education Consultancy Agency

I’m interested, where should I start?

Email your CV/RESUME to:

What is the process of student visa application?

Stages of student visa application:

1. Consultation/Assessment

2. Program/Course Recommendation

3. If accepted by the school/received Letter of Acceptance/Admission (LOA) – Pay the required fees

4. Visa Preparation/Visa Submission

Why should I study in Canada, Australia, USA or UK?

Top 3 Reasons:

1. World class & specialized education/career advancement
2. Earn dollars $$$$ while you study
3. For some, permanent residency pathway