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FunFact 101

REALITY: Before, only celebrities and rich people could afford to study abroad.

IDEAL: Now, International Education is for ALL. Some of us just don’t know how to start and whom to ask for guidance.

Fun Fact

FunFact 102

REALITY: Not all we availed expensive are worth the products and services. Some salesperson just take advantage of our impulsive behavior.

IDEAL: When money is involved, not just think  twice, but think more than that. You may end up losing than gaining.


FunFact 103

REALITY: Dream stealers are everywhere. They hold you back from living and enjoying your success.

IDEAL: If you really want to achieve something, no one can stop you. Do it with full confidence. If you fail then try again and keep on trying one more time. It will be yours and you will get it eventually.


FunFact 104

REALITY: International student journey is pricey or a bit expensive, and so with your house, car and healthcare (hospitalization).

IDEAL: The advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages of living in Canada or other first world countries. Why? It’s because of the following reasons: EARNING DOLLARS, STABILITY, FREE & BEST HEALTHCARE BENEFITS, FREEDOM FROM TOXIC SOCIAL  NORMS, VISA FREE HOLIDAY & MORE.

FunFacts 4

FunFact 105

REALITY:  OUTSIDE THE BOX THINKER  has two kinds, the LIMITED & UNLIMITED VERSION. If you live in the same environment, same day-to-day experience, same section or kinds of book you are reading, same genre of movies or music you are listening to or watching, same set of people you are interacting with most of the time, that’s what I call, “outside the box thinker-limited version”.

IDEAL: The UNLIMITED VERSION is, if you step into your GROWTH ZONE  & step out of  your comfort zone, change of environment, try a new experience, exploring diverse perspective, experience and embrace different cultures. That’s my definition of UNLIMITED VERSION-OUTSIDE THE BOX THINKER.


FunFact 106

REALITY: Each society develops its own set of norms and standards for what is acceptable. LEVELS OF SUCCESS is sometimes culturally conditioned.

IDEAL: I believe in myself and YOU SHOULD TOO.  Don’t allow others to make a standard for yourself. Run farther, swim deeper, climb higher and dream more. Chances are, GOALS will be more achievable.

Fun Fact 106

FunFact 107

REALITY: People sometimes procrastinate, and the favorite line: maybe later, mamaya na, unya na.

IDEAL: Work out the most common anti-procrastination technique, by giving yourself a deadline to ACHEIVE YOUR GOALS.